Margie Wilcox


WHY Am I Running?

I’ve been told that most people climb the political ladder to reach Montgomery but when I got there and looked back - I found that we had no leadership back at home. It is hard to make progress when our county commissioner fights with everyone, over everything. His political fighting blocked a plan to cut $1 Million in wasteful spending.

My mom and dad borrowed money to build some of the first ball parks here and I’m sad watching our area deteriorate. Just look at the condition of our community. Where are the new parks & senior centers? Where are the improvements our taxes pay for? This is our home and we deserve better. I’m sad hearing stories about school principals being told No when they ask for help. I’m sick of the political fighting and witch hunts. It’s time for progress and I’m going to bring it!

I fought against higher taxes and I will keep my promise to oppose every tax increase. I will always give you an honest answer even when it is not what you want to hear and I will never forget that our top priority is to protect families and improve our quality of life. We can do this, but I need your vote on March 1st.


P.S. Please call my cell with any questions 421-8309

Margie Wilcox for House County Commission 3